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Student Neuro Coach Program

Volunteer Program for Physical Therapy Students

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Connecting PT students to patients

Our Student Neuro Coach Program connects PT and OT students with people with neurologic disorders in the community to provide support and exercise and activity accountability.  It involves: 

  • 1-2 hours per week where DPT students will meet online or in person with the person to guide them through exercises, socialize, play games, go for walks, etc. 

  • Students trained by Re+Active staff. The training consists of orientation that will leave you feeling adequately prepared to work with people with a variety of neurological diagnoses. It will also include an opportunity to co-treat with the patient’s physical or occupational therapist (virtually or in person) so that you have the opportunity to get to know your patient and get an understanding of their goals, things their PT would like them to focus on at home, etc. 

  • Monthly office hours led by re+sources for hope volunteer PTs where students are encouraged to attend to ask questions.

Apply to be a student neuro coach

Complete our online application and one of our coordinators will contact you for our next orientation.  Our orientations occur once per semester-typically in September, January and May.

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